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NEW: Yogh Soap zero waste, zero water cosmetics with fresh Yogurt

Wholesaler distributor Yogh soap zero waste zero plastic cosmetics

Yogh Soap. A beautiful extensive line of zero waste zero water cosmetics with fresh yogurt
Features: Maximum of 10 ingredients. Zero waste, zero water, zero plastic and fresh yogurt is very good for skin and hair
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Surya Brazil hair dye.

Wholesaler distributor hair dye Henna Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil 100% natural hair dye with the best grey coverage.
no ammonia, PPD, parabens, peroxide, silicones, butylhydroxytoluene and no formaldehyde.
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Gifts: Deliciously scented VEGAN candles

wholesaler vegan scented candles Joik

Vegan scented candles from Joik: the runners for the spring/summer
Features: what scents

NEW! Alphanova Solide, zero waste zero water cosmetics

Wholesale natural cosmetics

Wholesale Alphanova Solide; zero water, zero waste cosmetics
Alphanova Solide. affordable, 0% water, 0% waste, 100% organically certified
Features: affordable solids, organically gecertificeerd
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Great! All the gifts collected in one spot

Wholesale distributor natural organic skincare cosmetics and makeup

Gift packs and gift sets. Beautiful ready-made indulgence packages
Features: Something for everyone and can be put together from 40 pieces.

NEW! Rosenrot solid, zero waste and zero water cosmetics

Wholesaler Rosenrot solid zero waste cosmetics

Wholesaler Rosenrot solid zero waste cosmetics
Rosenrot. Beautiful solid, zero waste and zero water cosmetics.
Features: The queen of solid cosmetics. Try it, and you inow why 🙂
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Joik Home & Spa

wholesaler distributor Joik Home & Spa

Wholesale natural Home & Spa products
Joik Home & Spa. What an atmosphere, what a scent! Beautiful candles, diffusers and much more!
Features: affordable luxury for the home and bathroom
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Joik Organic skincare

wholesaler distributor organic skincare Joik Organic

Wholesale organic skin care
Joik Organic. The most extensive organic certified skin care brand in Europe!
Features: affordable luxury, organic certified, extensive range
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Uoga Uoga mineral make-up

wholesaler distributor organic mineral makeup Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga mineral makeup. Handmade, fresh makeup based on minerals and fruit pigments
Features: the ‘cleanest’ makeup, very high percentage of amber = healing for the skin, fruit pigments
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Boho Green makeup – natural makeup

Wholesaler distributor organic natural make-up Boho Green

Wholesale natural cosmetics, skin care and makeup
Boho Green Cosmetics. The hippest and most colourful ECO makeup brand in Europe!
Features: ECO certified, mineral makeup, no bismuth or talc, affordable and colourful!
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Benecos natural make-up

wholesaler distributor organic natural makeup Benecos

Benecos ECO makeup. The most affordable organic certified makeup brand in Europe!
very affordable, organic certified, extensive range
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Glossworks natural nail polish

wholesaler distributor natural nailpolish Glossworks

Glossworks. Be the Boss of Gloss. Top class 9-free natural nail polish. Check out the latest summer colors
Features: Very good natural quality, 9-free, beautiful display, cuticle oil and nail polish remover
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Marley’s Amsterdam

Wholesaler distributor shampoo bar flakes without water Marley's Amsterdam

Wholesale natural flake shampoos from Marley’s Amsterdam
Marley’s Amsterdam. The concept of shampoo has been radically improved. Choose Marley’s shampoo flakes
: Brilliant shampoos without water (you add that yourself) but with a brilliant shampoo experience
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Boho natural nail polish

Wholesaler natural nailpolish 10-free

Boho. What great colours! Highly affordable, 9-free natural nail polish.  See the latest summer colours
Highly affordable, 9-free and a beautiful wooden display,
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Najel Aleppo olive soap vegetable ancient soaps

wholesaler distributor original Aleppo soaps from Syrie

Najel Aleppo soap. The only original from Aleppo. From block soaps, clay masks and shampoos to liquid soaps.
The best ancient soaps and therefore 100% natural. Soft, very suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.
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Rainbow cosmetics based on aloë vera

distributor wholesale organic skincare aloe vera

Rainbow aloe care. Very affordable ECO certified skincare without water.
Not a drop of water, just organic aloe vera.
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Human + Kind VEGAN ethical cosmetics

Wholesale distributor VEGAN skin care Human + Kind

Human + Kind. VEGAN, 99% natural and ‘ethical cosmetics’, good for the skin, hair, Earth and the environment.
Natural VEGAN care with the best vegetable ingredients, without parabens, not tested on animals.
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Santaverde: organic skin enhancement

wholesale Santaverde organic premium aloe vera skin care

Santaverde. Organic certified skincare without water and with 100% active substances.
Not a drop of water, just organic, hand-processed aloe vera. Highly suitable for salons.
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We Love the Planet 100% natural deodorants, diffusers and candles

wholesale natural deodorant WE LOVE THE PLANET

We Love the Planet (WLTP). Hip and wonderfully fragrant 100% natural deodorants and diffusers.
100% natural, wonderful scents and highly effective!
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La Fare 1789 organic cosmetics

organic skin care wholesale distributor

La Fare. Beautiful skin, body and hair care products in a unique package.
Features: A brand with attention to the inside and outside. All the main ingredients are grown locally.
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Yverum, premium vegetable hyaluronic skin care

hyaluron organic skin care wholesale distributor

Yverum. Premium skincare with the highest percentage of organic vegetable hyaluron.
Hyaluron, the proven ingredient that actually hydrates.
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Nordics natural oral care

wholesale bamboo toothbrush and organic toothpaste

Nordics. Bamboo toothbrushes and (black) toothpastes developed by dentists
Free of plastic (against plastic soup!), and PBA, charcoal brushing powder and toothpaste and beautiful displays
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Oliv’ Bio Premium natural skincare

wholesale organic skincare for professionals

Oliv’ Bio. Effective organic certified skin care based on olive leaf extract.
Features: Based on olive leaf extract, especially high anti-oxidant levels, very suitable for salons
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Montbrun, the organic ‘Vichy’

wholesale organic skin care thermal water Montbrun

Montbrun. An affordable compact line of skin care based on thermal mineral water.
Features: Anti-ageing line enriched with thermal water improves visible skin structure and firms the skin.
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Alphanova KIDS Eco skincare and anti-lice treatments

wholesale organic skin care for kids Alphanova

Alphanova KIDS. A compact care line for KIDS.
Features: The princess line and three highly effective ant-lice products without pesticides are unique.
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Alphanova BABY organic, hypoallergenic skin care

Wholesale organic care for baby's Alphanova

Alphanova BABY. Affordable super mild care for your baby, suitable for the most sensitive baby skin.
Features: Extremely soft, 100% free of allergenic perfume, parabens, phenoxyethanol, triclosan and formaldehyde.
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Wholesale natural cosmetics for salons, therapists, pharmacies, health shops, concept shops

 “Experts in Positive Beauty” * 100% natural makeup * 100% natural skincare * 100% natural body care * 100% natural oral care * 100% natural haircare
* 25 brands with 1500+ products * no minimum order value * products available from stock * everything can be ordered per piece * Shop online and see our stocks and prices * click here to register as a new customer

Wholesale natural cosmetics
Make your retail concept green!

Our # 1 priority is to offer a collection of products and brands so that you can meet every demand from the market. The largest range of eco make-up? Edible cosmetics? Organic certified skin care? Budget brands? Brands that can compete with the top of the regular cosmetics? Knowledgeable people? Yep. And all under one roof: Yaviva … the wholesaler of natural cosmetics.

Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly critical. In recent years, many brands and ingredients have been the subject of discussion in high-profile studies that sometimes showed quite shocking results. In addition to being more critical, the consumer is also becoming increasingly aware, greener and more social.

Move with the market with Yaviva. Doing well and being commercially successful go together very well nowadays … So Yaviva is the wholesaler of natural cosmetics

Groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica, make-up en huidverzorging
Groothandel biologische cosmetica, make-up en huidverzorging

Wholesale natural cosmetics, make-up and skin care

Yaviva represents about 25 brands that jointly produce about 1200 products. All products with a beautiful story, a special appearance and the right price. We have a comparable organic / natural variant for just about every regular product.

Of course we have biologically certified skin care, but also skin improvement. We have 100% natural make-up (no less than three brands!) And three brands of natural nail polish. We have oral care and care for your hands, feet and your entire body, and much more. In fact, we often have several brands / products within one category. Because there is no one brand that best suits all concepts.

Do you want to know which brands suit your concept best, or which brands reinforce your concept? Then feel free to contact us. You can send an email to info@yaviva.nl all day long or call us on working days between 8:30 and 11:00 AM: +31 (0) 343-755287. If you are behind a PC, we will do the same so that we can click through the brands together.

Wholesale natural cosmetics: Yaviva!

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  • Wholesale natural oral care

  • Available: info@yaviva.nl

  • Available: 0343-755287 (on working days from 8:30 to 11:00 AM)

  • Much knowledge of the market

  • Collaborate with e.g. competitions etc.

  • Ordered before 12:00, shipped today

  • Mail: > €200 free delivered

  • Nice Mooie marges

  • All top brands under 1 roof

  • No mandatory purchase of entire lines, no minimum order value, no mandatory annual turnover … everything can be ordered individually.