Wholesale cosmetics free of animal testing

Cosmetics free of animal testing seems to be obvious, and yet it is not completely. Although animal testing is prohibited in the Netherlands, brands and products that are not free of animal testing are still sold here. How is that possible? And where can you go as an entrepreneur if you do want to go for completely animal testing-free cosmetics in your range? Have you read enough? Register here as a new customer.

What are animal testing-free cosmetics?

Manufacturers of genuinely animal testing-free cosmetics do not test their (final) product on animals and, moreover, the individual ingredients are also not tested on animals. In addition, manufacturers that do not do animal testing do not supply their products to China. Why not? Because it is mandatory in China to test products on animals before they are offered in shops.

Not all brands sold in Europe are free of animal testing

Not all brands sold in the Netherlands are free of animal testing. This is because certain brands now have their products tested abroad, or they supply their animal testing-free products to countries such as China, where these tests are still done. As a result, all the cosmetics brands sold in China are not free of animal testing.

Groothandel cosmetica dieproefvrij

How are cosmetics tested now?

It is, of course, logical that cosmetics should be tested before they are placed on the market. It is not so logical that animals are still used for this, that animals have to suffer for it. Alternative test methods have been developed. For example, cosmetics are tested on human volunteers.

I want to offer a range that is free of animal testing

That is a great step! The group of people who attach great importance to animal-free cosmetics is huge and growing. Awareness of the world in which we live and treating people, animals and the environment with respect is a true social trend. Choose a wholesaler of animal testing-free cosmetics, and you as an entrepreneur can meet the wishes of your customers perfectly.

Where can I find a wholesaler of cosmetics free of animal testing?

You do not have to search long. In fact, you have already found the leading wholesaler of animal testing-free cosmetics! Yaviva only distributes animal testing-free brands, some of which are even vegan. Yaviva: Wholesale cosmetics free of animal testing.