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Balm Balm: rich, 100% natural ingredients, a beautiful appearance. Balm Balm’s balms are not just balms. Because you can use them in many ways in the bathroom. Use them to cleanse, nourish, soften, protect and soothe your skin. Click here to see all products. Because the Balm Balm collection is divided into different 12 lines, it is much easier for you to determine which products are really suitable for your skin.

Essential oils are the concentrated, oily liquids that contain volatile aromatics extracted from plants for their fragrance and therapeutic effects. Because they are so concentrated, they need to be diluted in vegetable base oils before being used to make a blend. By combining different essential oils, you can create an almost infinite number of mixtures for aromatherapy remedies or just for general well-being.

Balm Balm is affordable and 100% natural

Balm Balm is an English family business founded in 2005 by Glenda Taylor. She is originally a perfumer and aromatherapist, and her big dream was to market a range of natural care products that would be super affordable and usable by everyone. Her dream came true with Balm Balm.

-> Also for people with extremely sensitive skin.

The philosophy: natural, without plastics and effective

Balm Balm is completely natural, 100% plastic-free and uses only natural and organic ingredients. No ‘hidden’ ingredients or additives, to which the skin may react poorly.

All Balm Balm products are free of artificial additives of any kind. In the products, you will not find parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes, sulphates, silicones and certainly no plastic! All products are free of animal testing.

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Eindejarsgeschenk balm balm

Balm Balm contains only active ingredients (0% water)

Have you ever thought about the fact that a lot of the cosmetics in your bathroom have water as their main ingredient? Water is of course not harmful to you at all, but water doesn’t actually do anything for your skin. Then why is it added? It is an inexpensive filler. A product to which (a lot of) water has been added must contain preservatives. This has to do with the fact that bacteria thrive in water.

All Balm Balm products are completely free of water. This means that all the ingredients actually do something good for your skin and that (much less) harmful or aggressive preservatives are needed.

Balm Balm’s versatility

With a Balm Balm balm, you can do many things. Clean, nourish, protect, soften. The products can do it all. The fact is that every product has been given a ‘name’, such as lip balm or body balm. But what if you use a face balm for the dry spots on your elbows and finally get rid of that annoying itch? Then you use your face balm as a body balm. Great, right? If it works, it works!

Rose geranium

The products from the Rose geranium line are enriched with geranium. They are suitable for all skin types, but especially very pleasant to use if you have (very) dry skin.

Fragrance free

The name of this collection says it all: perfume-free. Often, people with sensitive skin are very consciously looking for products without perfume, because their skin can react sensitively to it. Balm Balm has therefore deliberately opted for a completely perfume-free line.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree has been known for generations for its antibacterial action on the skin. For this reason, the Tea Tree line from Balm Balm is particularly recommended for people with skin impurities.

Wholesale Natural Balm Balm for Europe

Wholesale natural Balm Balm. Yaviva is the leading distributor/wholesaler for Balm Balm in Europe. Are you a new client? Register here now, and, after approval, you will have access to images, stocks and of course the prices of all our brands. Any questions? 0031 343 755287 (we speak English). Or mail info@yaviva.nl.

groothandel natuurlijke cosmetica balm balm

A selection from the Balm Balm collection

distributeur natuurlijke cosmetica
distributor natural cosmetics from UK
Balm Balm natuurlijke cosmetica
groothandel essentiële olien Balm Balm
groothandel essentiële olien Balm Balm
groothandel essentiële olien Balm Balm
groothandel Balm Balm natuurlijke cosmetica
Balm Balm natuurlijke cosmetica
Balm Balm natuurlijke cosmetica
distributor natural cosmetics from UK
Balm Balm
Balm Balm natuurlijke cosmetica